New Building Faith Journey

New Building Faith Journey

In the Parable of the Talents, we learn the importance of stewardship.

Moulmein Church first inherited its piece of freehold land and building from Christians a generation ago. In land scarce Singapore, such land is extremely valuable as churches today can only lease land for 30 years.

Our old building was built on the foundation of a pre-World War 2 residential house! Not only did it not meet today’s safety and accessibility codes, major repairs amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars were due. Ironically, these would not have brought the building up-to-date on safety codes.

We had the choice to either “bury our talent in the ground”, spend lots of money on repairs or invest in a new building. After more than a decade of praying and planning, we chose to embark on this reconstruction project to bless this and future generations.

Requirement of a Growing Church
Besides not meeting safety codes, the old building did not meet our growing needs.

The worship hall was overcrowded and we were short of classrooms for bible classes. We were also very restricted in using the building for outreach and community events because of safety issues.

The new building not only meets all the safety codes today, it actually gives us twice as much usable space! What’s more, it is also accessible to the elderly and disabled.

What’s in the New Building?
Basement Worship Hall that seats 400 and Classrooms
Level 1 Carpark space which doubles as fellowship and event spaces
Level 2 Offices, Resource Rooms and Classrooms
Level 3 Kitchen, Classrooms which doubles as Seminar Rooms
Level 4 Small apartment for Missionaries (Only partially built-up with possible expansion in the future by adding floor slabs)
Covered Rooftop Fellowship and Devotional Spaces

With the new facility, the building will be fully utilised during the week, with spaces doubling up for several uses.

Offices can be used to hold counselling sessions while classrooms for giving student care or free tuition to students from poor families. Seminar Rooms can be used to conduct workshops on marriage, parenting and financial management. Kitchen and fellowship spaces can be used to minister to the elderly, disabled and the poor.

Why do we need help?
Although our average Sunday attendance is about 200, we only have 100 working members. Of the $5.5 million pledged to the building project, more than $4.1 million came from these members. We need help with the remaining $1.1 million!

Donate generously
Money is part of our discipleship and generous giving brings praise to God. Let us sow generously to reap generously to God’s glory, as we desire for a larger harvest.

Give to the Lord’s work generously, especially the work of the local church. If God calls you to give generous to the Lord’s work or the work of the local church, click here to contribute to our building fund.

Figures as of April 2019